is an online ecosystem of managed migrant worker services that simplifies the usually daunting task and responsibility of supporting families and beneficiaries of migrant workers in their respective home countries. Products and services available on the platform are accessible using ubiquitous mobile devices via browser or app and paid for using stored value credits in a digital wallet. The wallet can be topped up using a host of locally available cash-in mechanisms including but not limited to debit/credit cards, fare cards, prepaid vouchers, etc.

miLine  is a Hong Kong-registered company with operations and points-of-presence initially in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Moves are underway to establish points-of-presence in the rest of the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and the Middle East. miLine’s initial deployments focus on the specific needs of the 11-million strong overseas Filipino population and their relatives back home.

miLine  is a subsidiary of iBayad Online Ventures, Inc. a pioneering payments technology company that is revolutionizing the Philippine fintech landscape.